Location Recording

Location Recording



When it’s too big to fit into a studio, and it’s one of those occasions that only happens once, and recording it for posterity is an absolute must, you need Soundwright.

We come to you with the right tools for the job and the experience to get it right first time. Our professional approach to each individual recording project is focussed on results that both please and satisfy you, our client.

Planning is an important part of getting it right, so we take the trouble to find out as much as possible about your project in advance. Just tell us where you are and what your project is and we will develop a strategy.

No job is too small or too large.

We come to you


State-of-the-art equipment in the right hands ensures that the best possible results can be achieved. We take pride not only in having great tools to work with, but also in the way that we take care of them. By doing this, we know that we can depend on them to give the best performance every time. Our microphone collection is the envy of many. Like a photographer’s lens collection, you need the right microphone to do the right job. Then by using top name digital and high-end analogue instruments to make your recording, we get results that can win you awards.



Sound recording on location requires special skills. The primary one is the ability to get it right first time, because there is no second chance in a live performance.

Mal Abel, our chief sound engineer, has been producing top quality sound recordings on location for many large organisations since 1968.

From choirs of 1200 voices, full symphony orchestras, brass bands, string, woodwind and brass ensembles, ethnic musical groups, to solo performances, conferences and film soundtracks, in venues as diverse as the Sydney Opera House, St Andrew’s Cathedral, Sydney Town Hall, Jenolan Caves, school music rooms and private homes, we have consistently achieved the highest results. Clients keep asking us to come back year after year.



It has been an honour to record famous Australian and international performers at prestigious venues in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne. Over the last 20 years, we have been selected to record conferences, concerts, interviews and events where failure to achieve anything but the best result would have been unthinkable.

Ask us for references and we are sure to come up with a few in your field.



You can pay hundreds of dollars an hour for some studios. Our very reasonable rates will pleasantly surprise you.

Tell us what you want, where the recording is to be made and after getting a few details from you, we will come up with a budget that includes everything from travel, set-up time, equipment and crew. You will receive a written quote. There are no hidden costs.

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